high-accuracy weather data

A new paradigm in weather forecasting. Introducing The Jua Model, an end-to-end AI-powered global weather model with prediction accuracy beyond imagination.

What we do

Jua introduces a completely new way to model the earth’s atmosphere and predict the weather with high accuracy and precision. We use proprietary AI technology and millions of new data sources to operate a high-performing, full-scale weather model. This changes everything.

Learn about the Jua model:

Forecasts on global scale

Forecasts on a global scale

Stop merging different regional models such as the American or European model and rely on one global weather model for all your use cases

Extreme high accuracy

Extreme high accuracy

Introducing prediction accuracy that makes forecasts feel like measurements. Jua’s model has better accuracy for 48 hours into the future than leading numerical models for 12 hours.



Based on its 1 km2 spatial resolution, the Jua model empowers you with high-precision forecasts - e.g. for regions with microclimates.

High-frequency temporal resolution

Predicting weather on a five minutes temporal resolution, so you know when the weather changes. That’s up to 12x more frequently than a forecast based on a leading numerical model.

Leveraging the power of AI

The Jua model doesn't use modeling such as the GFS or IFS. It is not a post-processed model but it is a 100% AI-powered weather model that leverages primary data sources.

New use cases

Our technology unlocks powerful new use cases for post-processors, enterprise customers, consultancies, and many more.

This is the most accurate weather model I have ever seen.”

Dominik Jung - Germany’s most cited meteorologist.
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New York with and without Jua


The Jua model is popular for hundreds of different use cases. Explore what we can do for you.


Empowering weather services

Increase the value for your B2B customers with high-accuracy data and surprise your B2C app users with reliable forecast for complex topographies such as coastal stripes or mountains.

Empowering the energy industry

Improve your electricity generation forecasts to inform grid providers or do better electricity & commodity trading.


Empowering international expansion

Creating one global high resolution model including places where observation infrastructure is scarce.


Empowering your use case

The Jua model is popular for hundreds of use cases in different industries - all the way from weather forecasting to enterprise-scale energy procurement. Contact us to discuss your use case.

Who we are

We are believers in a better way to model the world around us. We are engineers, weather experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Our experts published more than 100 research papers and built infrastructure for some of the world’s largest petabyte-scale datasets.



If you are as excited as we are at what you can achieve with Jua as a customer or by joining our team, get in touch. Let's talk.